Two Poems – I am Parenthesis and Boredom

23 Nov

I’m currently working on a number of blog posts, unfortunately none of them are likely to be finished nor edited to the point of readability today. With this in mind I thought I’d use today’s post to share two of my poems with you.

The first poem is called I am Parenthesis and came out fully-formed one morning when I was a student. It forms part of a sonnet sequence, called Moments, which I started at University and have been adding to ever since, one sonnet for every year of my life and always written on the eve of my Birthday.

Moment 2: I am Parenthesis

I am parenthesis,

Curves drawn in freehand

That bend central (spine-like) to stand,

Yet contain nothing.

The sentence is grammatically correct

Without me,

I am an empty bonus.


You are a palimpsest

A feint outline of something

I want to see, because

I am a cordon for nothing

And you almost exist,

So, I search to see

A part of you that fills me.


Quite Recently @Radiovicky recorded me this poem and I loved it! You can listen to her version amongst her Tinyvox Tapes

The Second poem is called Boredom and is a little bit surreal:


Fluid inside fluidity

Smoke—distant—ejects lips

Spirals upwards

Wispy, white-on-blue—


The entity observing this

Cease to be

Fluid inside fluidity

Becoming me—


The being writing this

No longer true

Fluid inside fluidity

Becoming you—

Thought melts through plaster spirals

You imagine were not there.

Floorboards creek to perceptions changing footing

Your eyes are closed, looking

At blue-prints

Tattooing leopard-print;

He escapes before you finish

Diminish? —

We dart with him

To the tranquil within

And there we are stopped—

The spirit adjusts the light of his soul,

Too bright;

Betraying hidden might.

He shades his whole,

Leaning his wasp gently against our leopard.

We prepare with lies,

Echo infant cries.

His mandibles trace possible patterns,

Lost and gone amongst lantern-light.

You incite


Everything about yourself.

The spirit watches us leave,

Wishing us health.

I think that he will grieve

That this day we had course to leave,

Though I simply perceive—

Time elevates at rest

A room

Four, torn walls;

Carpet alive,

Mirror hive

Reflecting that within

Monsters eating at skin.


Why, of course, the face

Where they eat what is best,

Whilst time elevates at rest.

We found it impossible to be bored

When with that smoke we fully explored.


If you enjoyed these, you can hear me reading some more of my poetry over on my Audioboo:


2 Responses to “Two Poems – I am Parenthesis and Boredom”

  1. celenagaia33 October 19, 2013 at 10:41 pm #

    These are full of sense-imagery, all powerful with inflection – I would recommend anyone to read these aloud to themselves (as all poetry should be anyway) to get the full cant of the eye-rhymes and rhythm. A lot of the mystery-realism lies in these.
    Impressive work.



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