My first year blogging

22 Nov

You know those really annoying episodes of American TV shows, where they do just clips of older episodes? Yeah, this is one of those!

Today is exactly a year since I registered this blog and I’m all about marking the passing of arbitrary periods of time…

Joking aside, it does present me with the rather good opportunity to say a heartfelt thanks to everyone who has read my posts over the last year, to those who have commented, in both agreement and otherwise, and to everyone who has shared my content with their networks. I’m handing out virtual hugs and cookies this evenimg and you all get one.

Blogging’s hard. It always surprises people when I say that.

‘But you’re a writer, isn’t that just what you do?’ They often ask.

It’s true, I write every day, without fail, it’s my compulsion, but most of you will never read what I write each day, because it’s not intended to be read. Often it’s a part of my creative process, not the end result and the bits that do go on to become something more go through a rigourous editing process, often lasting weeks or even months, before they see the light of day. It’s a timeline I’ve always felt happy with, but it just doesn’t work for blogging.

My blogging timeline has an inbuilt motivational tyranny to it, which has taken me a while to get used to. To begin with, the thought of publishing content only hours after it existed solely as unconnected thoughts in my head terrified me. I’ll be honest, it still scares me a little and this is part of the reason why I have so many drafts, works in progress and the reason that I have not published quite as much as I might have liked. Still, not complaining too much, 42 posts is not bad going and I’m proud to say I’ll stand by each. Whether it’s prose, poetry or life-writing, I choose my words carefully and I stand by them.

42 posts. If you are new to my blog here are 5 popular posts:

Prince Harry’s cock Back in August if you Googled ‘Prince Harry’s Cock’ or variations of it you’d see this post at the top (Mum would have been so proud): The Prince is naked, please don’t look if you’re thinking, who Googles Prince Harry’s cock? Apparently lots of people do and this post has been the most viewed by a huge margin. Sadly most people who found it would probably have been disappointed by the lack of a Royal member money-shot.

We’re all going to die here – read my thoughts on space, space travel, life in the universe and the future of Humanity: we’re all going to die here…

Punching otters in their Kidneys – Balloon Releases are dumb, really dumb. They kill wildlife and pollute our environment. Find out more here: does your life suck? Why not kick a duck to death?

On Shyness – I talk about overcoming shyness: confessions of a shy guy

If the president does it, it’s not a crime! Perhaps the most controversial of all my posts and the one I’m assured will come back to haunt me. Bring it on: On Abuses of Power I’ll say again, I choose my words carefully and stand by them.

Thanks again to everyone who has read my posts over the last year and to all the brilliant bloggers who have given me the benefit of their experience.  There are lots more to come over the next year.

You know the drill, if you don’t like these thoughts, stick around, I have plenty of others!


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