About Me

My Name’s Paul Coxon and I’m a Public Relations Officer, Writer, Poet and Researcher living in Rugby in the West Midlands. I work in Local Government Communication and Marketing for Warwickshire County Council

I was adopted at birth by wonderful parents and lived until 18 in Sheffield when I went to the University of Warwick to Study English Literature and Creative Writing.

My interests are somewhat diverse as you will begin to see from this blog. To give an indication though, expect a mixture of Public Relations, Social Care Communication, Local Government,  Organisational Development, science, belief and general ‘life, the universe and everything’ posts.

I am married to the wonderful and long-suffering Lara and in April 2015 we lost our son, Tristan, during childbirth.

Our family is finished by two cats, Casper and Tricky and our brute of a dog, Big Joe the Boxita.

Hope you enjoy your time with my moments.

A quick disclaimer

In case there is doubt (there shouldn’t be) this blog is in no way endorsed by my employer, the thoughts are mine and mine alone except for the ones I steal from far more clever and witty people.

What others have said about me:

“If Paul didn’t work in local government we probably would never have followed his twitter feed or read his blog. It’s not always about work but the rest of his interests are diverse and interesting and always worth a read; if only so you have something to disagree with!” – Via the WeLoveLocalGovernment Blog

“Definite Friday Follow to Paul Coxon the self-confessed Christian Grey of Rugby…” – Via Nic Davies


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